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We offer excellent accommodation for all participants and coaches at the 2022 Zoom 8 World Championships in the Merik├╝la accommodation and sports complex, which is only 2 km away from the competition venue.

Accommodation is for 2 – 8 people in rooms with toilet and shower. The center has its own catering complex, which offers full board to all guests three times a day. In addition, each floor has a common dining area with a fully equipped kitchenette.

For leisure and sports, the center has a full-size ballroom, gym, mat, table tennis, and changing and laundry rooms with sauna.

We can also provide separate meeting rooms for teams here.

There is also a 200-seat conference hall with all the necessary equipment in the main building

for organizing internal events. The courtyard has a football and basketball court and a court

table tennis table.

All these possibilities can be used free of charge by the guests of the MM complex.

This complex is located in a beautiful place near the sea and is the village of the World Championships, where all competitors as a united family can spend time and communicate together.

If desired, the parents and escorts of the competitors can also stay here.

The price of one night with meals 3 times a day is 40 EUR.

Just before the World Championships, our annual sailing competition Tilgu Regatt takes place in the same competition place Ilgus. The regatta is taking place for the 10th time and is a test regatta of the World Championships, in which all those who participate in the World Championships can take part. That is why we offer accommodation in two packages:

Package 1 – accommodation at the World Championships 18 – 25.07. with meals 3 times a day – 7 nights – 280 EUR.

Package 2 – accommodation Tilgu Regatta and World Championships 15 – 25.07. with meals 3 times a day – 10 nights – 400 EUR.

We ask each country or club representative to make a single booking on this page before July 15!

Please indicate the country and the number of people next to the packages you want.

See you in 2022 Zoom 8 MM Drop !!



Booking will be closed on July 15.